One MFG X-Wax Pre-Mix Ice 165g SKI & SNOWBOARD WAX OneBall Ice
One MFG X-Wax Pre-Mix Ice 165g SKI & SNOWBOARD WAX OneBall

One MFG X-Wax Pre-Mix Ice 165g


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Utah Ski Gear offers a

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The same X-Wax series you know and love from OneMFG, now in a pre-mixed formula! This makes your waxing experience that much easier and faster. Not to worry, OneMFG has really struck just the right amount of racing mineral speed additives to make this wax really perform!

The X-Wax series Snowboard and Ski Wax is a pure racing wax that will make you faster! X-Wax Mineral Speed Additives are a proprietary blend of natural additives that greatly reduce friction and have incredible speed-producing qualities. We’ll see you on the podium, speedster

Temperature Info: 

This X-Wax formula is the ice-cold pre-mixed:

5 to -22F (-15 to -30C) 

This wax is ideal for extremely cold, man-made, old, and aggressive snow with low humidity.

  • X-Wax Mineral Speed Additives fight dry and wet friction, reduced surface tension, and increase water repellency.
  • X-Wax will increase your speed in all snow conditions. You will feel the wax take off and keep accelerating.
  • Incredible Durability. X-Wax lasts longer than other waxes
  • No Fluorinated chemicals of any kind are used.
  • Pro Tip: Warm base which allows wax to apply easier.
  • Made in the USA

OneMFG Directions for use: 

Use: Hot Waxing X-Wax: base must be clean and dry. Choose a temperature-specific wax to match snow conditions for best results.

Hot Wax Application: To apply, hold the bar to your iron. Melt on, iron in. Smooth the wax out with the iron to cover your bases completely for about 10 mins. Keep iron moving! Never let your iron sit on one area of your base. Let the wax cool completely and scrape with a wax scraper. Brush out remaining wax. 

Your base will be slightly grey when done brushing but that is a good thing. The grey tint will rub off in time from use. (It does not harm your base)

About Utah Ski Gear:

Utah Ski Gear was established in 2011 and we believe that skiing is for everyone. Helping our customers find the right equipment to get them and their families skiing is our passion. We understand price can be the biggest deterrent and because of this we offer new and used skis on a budget. For the more experienced skier looking for advanced gear, we offer hard-to-find accessories like specialized tuning equipment and high-performance skis. Customers preferring maximum comfort while skiing can find electric boot heaters, such as Hotronic FootWarmers.

Listing Notes:

Stock photos for this product were shot in-house at Utah Ski Gear. 

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