SkiMetrix Booster Strap - Standard - 021
SkiMetrix Booster Strap - Standard - 021

SkiMetrix Booster Strap - Standard - 021


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The Standard SkiMetrix Booster Strap is great for intermediate skiers who want to sharpen their skills. Booster straps fasten around your ski boots to eliminate shin bang and erase the space between your leg and the structure of the boot. This gives you a more responsive feel, for quicker reaction through your turns. Olympians and Freeskiers wear our booster straps, but that doesn't mean they're not for everyone! Run the elastic booster strap inside the plastic shell of your boot and up against the tongue in front so that it stretches about an inch. Your booster strap is too tight if you feel like you are being pushed backwards, so adjust it until it feels right.
  • 1 pair booster straps for improved ski response
  • Super strong elsatomeric webbing absorbs shock and dampens vibrations
  • Anti-slip cam buckles are easy to use
  • Adjustable different styles, bodies and abilities
  • Softer flex for intermediate skiers less than 140lbs (63.4kg)
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