Therm-ic Heat Flat (pair) - Flat Insole with Integrated Heat Element


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The Therm-ic Heat Flat insole is a very thin heated insole that comes integrated with the therm-ic heating elements. These footwarmers are one of the best ways to stay warm on those cold days on the slopes. This insole can be trimmed down with scissors so that it fits snuggly into any size ski boot or shoe. When trimming make sure to follow trim lines on the bottom of the insole to avoid cutting though the heat element in the toe area. The heat element contained in this heat flat is compatible only with Therm-ic C-Pack Batteries.
    • Flat insole with integrated heat element
    • Trim to fit
    • Only compatible with Therm-ic C-Pack Batteries
    • Does not include batteries
Part Number TC-T44-0100-001