Toko Core Tune and Wax Kit TUNING EQUIPMENT Toko

Toko Core Tune and Wax Kit


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Our Toko Core Tune and Wax Kit is a perfect collection for enthusiast wanting to get into waxing their own gear for varied conditions. This kit includes 3 different non fluorinated ski waxes for different weather conditions, express tuner with spare file, DMT fine grit diamond file, 3mm Plexi Blade, dual-sided combi base brush, edge grinding rubber, storage bag and wax card. The PFC-free waxes from Toko are easy to work with, while they hydrate and protect your ski bases for recreational skiing. The express tuner is a handy tool for preparing your edges, and even can fit in your pocket. A 100mm DMT diamond file with a grit of 600 is perfect for removing hardening and polishing your edges. The edge grinding rubber removes burrs and corrosion from your edges. The 3mm wax scraper removes your excess wax. Finish the job with the Toko Combi Nylon/Copper Base Brush, which is really the only base brush you need. Store your entire ski tuning equipment in the Toko zipper bag that comes with a handy wax card. The Core Tune and Wax Kit makes a great gift for any skier. Consider purchasing the Swix T75 waxing iron, which is a great value and would round out your supplies to get you waxing in style.
  • 120g Base Performance Wax Yellow for snow -6 to 0C (21.2-32F) Iron setting: 130C( 270F)
  • 120g Base Performance Wax Red for snow -12 to -4C (10.4-24.8F) Iron setting: 140C (280F)
  • 120g Base Performance Wax Blue for snow -30 to -10C (-22 to 14F) Iron setting: 150C (300F)
  • Express tuner with spare file
  • 3mm Plexi Blade scrapes extra wax off skis
  • DMT Diamond file 100mm fine grit 600
  • Edge Grinding Rubber
  • Toko Nylon Brush textures wax for snow contact and provides a professional finish
  • Mesh storage bag and wax card
Part Number: TOK000Z UPC: 7045952503639

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