Toko Fibertex Ski Base Tuning Kit

Toko Fibertex Ski Base Tuning Kit


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The Toko Fibertex Kit is a three piece set of buffing pads for base prep and waxing your skis or snowboard. Fibertex is made of nylon fibers with abrasive particles designed to smooth out the base and polish in wax. This kit is super useful for anyone who is hand waxing their skis or snowboards. Three Fibertex mats included:

  • Light brown - Use for gentle deburring before waxing. Refreshes the base without disturbing the stone grind structure.
  • Gray - Use before waxing to open the base by removing the oxidized layer.
  • White - Use for polishing the base after waxing and brushing.

Part Number: 5560003