Wintersteiger Race ProSharp File Guide

Wintersteiger Race ProSharp File Guide


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The Pro Race Sharp file guide from WIntersteiger is fully adjustable to guide your bevels from 0 to 5 degree angles. This versatile tuning tool is a great addition to any ski repair or tuning shop and home tuners love how easy it is to use too. The soft, non-skid pads on the bottom protect the ski's base while securing your hold as you tune your edges to precision. Use a screw driver or a coin to adjust your angle, and then install your favorite file or diamond file. Please note: this side edge file guide will not accept DWH-Hard or DWH Trans stones.
  • Adjustable file guide for ski and snowboard tuning
  • Set your angle anywhere between 0 degrees to 5 degrees bevel
  • Soft pads protect the ski base and reduce skid
  • Compatible with 6mm thick files, stones and diamond stones up to 5 inches long
  • Includes a 3in (75mm) ICECUT file
Part Number: Wintersteiger 57-401-030