Holmenkol Alpine Starter Kit - H24049

Holmenkol Alpine Starter Kit - H24049


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The Holmenkol Alpine Starter Kit is a set of 3 training waxes to keep you sliding fluidly in any snow conditions. These hydrocarbon ski waxes are easy to apply and can be used solo. Holmenkol training waxes resist breakdown from abrasion even when you ski hard. For best results, use a hot wax iron to apply the wax, let it cool, scrape with a scraper and then texture with a base brush.
  • 150g AlphaMix Yellow for skiing soft, fresh, fine snow between 0 to 4C (32-39.2F)
  • 150g BetaMix Red Wax for coarse, old snow between -14 to -4C (6.8 to 24.8F)
  • 150g UltraMix Blue for very old snow between -20 to -8C (-4 to 17.6F)

Recommended Wax Iron Settings

Yellow: 115-125C (239-257F) Red: 125-135C (257-275F) Blue: 135-145C (275-293F) Part Number: Holmenkol 24049