Holmenkol UltraMix Blue Wax - 150g - H24121

Holmenkol UltraMix Blue Wax - 150g - H24121


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Holmenkol UltraMix Blue Wax is formulated for skiing super cold, old dry snow that tends to be abrasive. This long lasting wax resists abrasion break down like no other. Easy to apply, this ski and snowboard wax requires no blending, and each coat will last you quite a while.
  • Ski and snowboard wax for super cold conditions
  • Snow temperature: -20 to -8C (-4 to 17.6F)
  • Wax iron setting: 135-145C (275-293F)
  • 150g (5.3 oz.)

Part Number: HK-H24121

*Disclaimer: Fluorinated waxes are banned by some racing federations. Check wax restrictions before use in competition.