Toko Base Brush Oval Horsehair with Strap

Toko Base Brush Oval Horsehair with Strap


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Try the Toko Oval Horse Hair Brush the next time you wax your skis. The all natural horse hair has a high static charge, so it picks up a greater amount of wax particles during the cleaning process. These horse hair bristles come in a higher density than other base brushes for skis, resulting in a high quality polish when you have finished scraping the wax. Speed up your skis when you brush them out with the Toko Horse Hair Brush.

  • Ergonomic horse hair base brush for skis
  • Exposes base structure and polishes ski wax
  • Great for high fluorocarbon and cold weather ski waxes
  • 10mm (0.4in) bristles
  • 7 x 4 x 1.5in

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