Fleece Swix Roto Brush, 100mm

Fleece Swix Roto Brush, 100mm


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If you're using Cera F or other fluorinated ski waxes, you definitely need a good supply of fleece roto brushes on hand. After applying fluoro overlays like powders and pastes, use the iron to melt it into the ski base, and then a few passes with the Fleece Roto Brush from Swix. Use a different fleece for each wax formula to avoid contamination.
  • Fleece rotary brush
  • 100mm
  • Fits hexagonal drive shafts and is compatible with 100mm Swix Roto Brush Handle
  • To polish fluoro overlays like Cera F powder
  • Speeds up the ski waxing process
Part Number: T0018F-2