Hotronic XLP One Battery Pack (each) (Open Box Return)

Hotronic XLP One Battery Pack (each) (Open Box Return)


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Open Box Return- May have damaged or missing packaging The Hotronic Power XLP One Battery Pack is a replacement battery for your Hotronic Heat Socks. This Lithium Ion battery is fully rechargeable. Connect this battery to your heat socks to receive 3 constant heat power settings. On setting 1 the battery will put a steady heat flow between 82-95 F for 10-13.5 hours. Setting 2 will give you a temperature between 107-118F for 5-7 hours. Setting 3 will put out a range of 120-136 F for 3.5-5 hours. The battery pack also features a 4th setting that will give an extra blast of heat between 138-156F for 3 minutes then will divert back to setting 3 so your feet don't burn. After the battery is dead conveniently plug it in to your XLP Recharger (not included) and the battery will display the charge levels of 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100% through its LED light indicators.
  • One Battery pack for Hotronic XLP Heat Socks
  • Fully rechargeable
  • Charge Level LED Light Indicators
  • 4 temperature settings from 82-156F (28-69C)
  • Lasts up to 13.5 hours
  • For more information on all Hotronic products, including installation, click here
Part Number: 01-0100-3306