Ollie's Backside Ski and Pole Carrier | 2023 Ski Travel Accessory


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Ski gear can be cumbersome and sometimes you’ve got to carry that load for a bit longer than what might feel comfortable. You’re swapping shoulders, you're carrying your kids poles, your poles are starting to slip out of your grip and you're really wishing you had that Ollie’s Backside Ski and Pole Carrier.

Whether you’ve got your skis off because you're on the hunt for some special terrain or you're just making your way from the car to the slopes with the family in tow, Ollie’s Backside Ski and Pole Carrier is bound to make your life easier! Just slide your skis and poles through the loops, throw the strap over your shoulder and you're off with no fuss and no awkward grip on your gear! 

Product Number: 81040

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