One MFG Beardo 7x6in Snowboard Traction SNOWBOARD ACCESSORIES OneBall

One MFG Beardo 7x6in Snowboard Traction


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With OneBall Jay's Beardo snowboard traction pad you will have everybody on the mountain admiring your well kept thick beard. This stomp pad is great for keeping your feet on your board so you can get off the lift with confidence and class before strapping in. This 7"x6" design is also wide enough to clean off any snow that has stuck to your boots so that when you strap in you can make sure you are that much closer to your board to improve control.
  • Stomp pad for snowboards
  • Baeardo Design
  • 7"x6"
  • Clear, grippy rubber
  • Installation instructions on the package
Part Number:ASBE

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