RaceService 1 ZF5 Baseline Combi 5 Pack - 245g


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This 5 pack of wax includes a sampling of Racervice's baseline wax collection all in one combi pack for a total of 245g of wax. All 5 are non-fluorinated wax that penetrates deeply into the pores of your ski or snowboard bases, and creates a prime surface that readily accepts glide waxes and additives. The pack covers all temps and conditions in low humidity (<40%). Because of its versatility there are ninety grams of our most popular wax (ZF2).
    • 45g - SBC1 Base Prep 0° C (32°F)
    • 2x 45g - ZF2 Universal -6°C to -2°C (21°F to 28 °F)
    • 45g - ZF3 Cold -15°C to -6°C (5°F to 21 °F)
    • 45g - ZF4 Arctic -30°C to -15°C (-22°F to 5 °F)
Part Number: SV-ZF5245