Swix World Cup Chrome File – 2nd Cut – 20cm/8in – 16tpcm

Swix World Cup Chrome File – 2nd Cut – 20cm/8in – 16tpcm T106x


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The Second Cut Chrome File from Swix is perfect for side edge and base edge beveling. Use this file after the bastard file after the edge angles have been set.
  • 2nd Cut file for ski tuning
  • 8 inches (20cm
  • 16 TPCM
  • Chrome
Part Number: T106X Order to Use Files: Start with Swix File T107X Bastard First Cut 8"/20cm 13tpcm. Use this file for initial side bevel and setting side angle. Secondly, use Swix File T106X 8 inch Second Cut 8"/20cm 16tpcm. Use this file for side beveling as well as base beveling set up before diamond work. Third use Swix File T104X 6 inch Smooth Cut 6"/15cm 20tpcm. This chrome finishing file is shorter with increased tpcm to smooth out striations left by second cut file. *TPCM: Teeth Per Centimeter