Swix World Cup Chrome File – Fine Cut – 15cm/6in – 20tpcm

Swix World Cup Chrome File – Fine Cut – 15cm/6in – 20tpcm T104x


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This professional grade, non-tang file offers a superior cut when it comes to filing ski edges. This smooth cut chrome finishing file is to be used after the 2nd cut file to remove any residual striations left from the second cut file.
  • Durable file for ski edges
  • Professional grade tool
  • 6 inches long (15cm)
  • 6”/15 cm. 20 tpcm
  • Chrome
Part Number: T104X Order to Use Files: Start with Swix File T107X Bastard First Cut 8"/20cm 13tpcm. Use this file for initial side bevel and setting side angle. Secondly, use Swix File T106X 8 inch Second Cut 8"/20cm 16tpcm. Use this file for side beveling as well as base beveling set up before diamond work. Third use Swix File T104X 6 inch Smooth Cut 6"/15cm 20tpcm. This chrome finishing file is shorter with increased tpcm to smooth out striations left by second cut file. *TPCM: Teeth Per Centimeter