120g Toko Base Performance Cleaning Wax

120g Toko Base Performance Cleaning Wax


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Toko Base Performance Cleaning Wax is a super soft wax for base cleaning. This specialty wax has an ultra low melting point and penetrates the base of your skis deeply to remove impurities, and leave you with a super clean surface to apply your prep and glide waxes on. When cleaning a base with Toko Base Performance Cleaning Wax, remove the wax when it is still warm for best results. Toko NF waxes are biodegradable and complies with EU Regulations.
  • Super Silky base cleaning wax for skis and snowboards
  • Penetrates very deep into the base
  • Leaves your bases clean for glide wax application
  • Recommended iron temperature: 120C (250F)
  • Resealable wax case

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