Toko T18 High Performance Wax Kit

Toko T18 High Performance Wax Kit


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The Toko T18 kit is the best way to get Toko’s top-of-the-line iron and waxes for one low price. Wax your skis or snowboards like a pro and be prepared for any conditions with the full range of high-performance waxes.

Toko High-Performance racing hot wax is non-fluorinated wax meant to meet the highest demands and the Toko T18 Digital Racing Iron is Toko’s top-of-the-line waxing iron. If you’re someone who demands specific and accurate temperature settings, a simple readout, and great compatibility with high-end waxes, the Toko T18 is perfect for you. 

The T18 iron has a digital readout that continually displays the current operating temperature. In addition, the temperature is regulated by an onboard microprocessor that verifies the set temperature ten times per second so your iron always maintains the temperature it is set at. Get ready to pass everyone on the mountain with your freshly waxed skis!

  • Working temperature range of 90°C to 180°C (194°F to 356°F) 
  • The 15mm thick aluminum base is ramped toward the rear to simplify powder application. It measures 4” x 5.75” (98x148mm)
  • 110V/850W
  • Warm wax: snow temp 32F to 21F/0C to -4C & air Temp 50F to 25F/10C to -4F
  • Universal wax: snow temp 32F to 3F/0C to -16C & air temp 36F to 3F/2C to -16C
  • Cold wax: snow temp 10F to -11 F/12 C to -24C & air temp 14F to 4F/ -10C to 20C 
  • 120g non-flouro and PFC free