Wend Performance Hot Melt Universal Wax - 1Kg

Wend Performance Hot Melt Universal Wax - 1Kg


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Wend Performance Hot Melt Wax is can be used with a wax iron or as a rub on wax. This universal no fluoro ski wax comes in bulk. If you are a shop owner looking to upgrade the performance of your rental and demo skis, Wend Hot Melt is the way to go. Wend Universal is formulated for snow temperatures between 10F and 40F. Wend Performance wax contains a percentage of their proprietary Meadowfoam, which increases the durability of the wax and helps it to penetrate deeper into the ski base. You are left with a wonderfully dirt resistant ski that glides much better.
  • Universal ski and snowboard wax
  • Hot wax or rub on
  • Ideal for snow temperatures at 10F-40F ( -12 to 4.5C)
  • Contains Meadowfoam for better glide and base protection
  • 1 Kg bulk (2.2lbs)
Part Number: 57-212-411